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We love what we do

The credibility earned has been translated in the query and the award of very diverse works such as houses, commercial centers, technical and industrial buildings, water treatment plants and solid waste recovery,  sport and cultural buildings, auditoriums, bridges, geotechnical works, works of rehabilitation, repair and restoration of monuments and housing stock, some of which are today considered as reference works in Engineering

To analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants.

We create and develop digital models for production and process optimization of designing and building's construction, to minimize risks and errors through processes chain and project management with collaborative working methodologies.

These three technical disciplines encompass the systems that make building interiors suitable for human occupancy. When designing building systems, an integrated MEP engineering approach yields better results than specifying each building system in isolation.

As renewable energy is no longer considered a niche technology, Newton Engineering Consultants helps countries and energy companies to embark on a race to impress the world with majestic clean energy projects of all kinds and demonstrate their true potential.


Please take a look at our short video and follow our journey into achievements and innovations through time