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Driven by the need for a permanent effort of innovation, NEWTON Engineering, took this principle as of strategic importance for its current and future sustainability, incorporating it in the organization with a Department with identity (innovation radar) and pouring it in one of its operational values: the Intrapreneurship and innovation as keys to success. In addition to expertise in the field of Structural Engineering, it has been progressively assumed the role of coordinator of all specialties, seeking to serve as a qualified interlocutor between architecture teams and owners of work.


Modeling and Engineering dreams and new life experiences on today`s built environment.


To be the leading Structural Engineering company in Portugal when developing Architectural and Structural Engineering through an  ecosystem of professionals where Interdisciplinarity, Interoperability and coordination effectiveness are the keywords for the implementation and support of the dreams that turn into great buildings of tomorrow


Given the cultural traits acquired by Newton over the years, its management is based on the following ethical principles:

  • Professionalism and responsibility of the whole team
  • Respect for clients assuming the prompt resolution of all questions or problems they present
  • Deliberate pursuit of creativity and innovation reflected in continuous updating of equipment and in the developing of good working practices
  • Openness to change at the organizational level and appropriate interaction with the academic and professional communities
  • Healthy work environment but responsible, translated into the availability and integration of all employees.

Innovation & Compliance

The SME innovation COTEC Network was created for the development of SMEs and aims: to promote public recognition of a group of SMEs, that by their attitude and innovative activity, could be examples of value creation for the Country
Innovation Management Systems
Company Level certification indicate innovation maturity for the organization and Innovation maturity is a function of current innovation performance, future potential and strength of current innovation pipeline and activated capacity and number of people who are trained in innovation and deployed against innovation initiatives. 

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Innovation is at the heart of people.

Continuous improvement is possible when we work with passion surpassing client’s expectations and meeting technical and safety requirements

We are an Architectural and Structural Engineering company which offers services of high technological and scientific rigor in all areas of design and consulting. Feel special vocation for developing projects that stand out by your size, technical complexity or by the requirement of innovative solutions.

We provide services that meet the quality standards required by the client, in accordance with the technical requirements and which are carried out at fair prices, strictly respecting the deadlines given.

We want that customers enjoy our technical and operational capacity in particular on availability for the realization of innovative solutions or economically more advantageous and in monitoring and technical support of the different phases of the work.

Feel. Innovate. Improve. 

Understanding the three-step management model of Newton

In a first phase, it is essential to feel the client, the market, the space or environment. Understand trends, expectations, emotions. These are the engines of innovation that we've included in each process we perform in every work we develop. But we are never satisfied because the whole process is a continuous learning process and this leads us to want to do more and better and to feel the customer and it`s context that surrounds and features.

Because emotions influence the thinking and decision making
Innovate. Because we are always incorporating something new again (we deliver dreams)
Improve. Because we are never satisfied (continuous improvement)



We realize dreams fulfilling new life experiences

Welcome to your site! We are an independent company of architectural and structural engineers, projectists and technical consultants working  as a ecosystem to deliver innovative solutions with managed risk to the built environment. 

Interdisciplinarity, Interoperability and coordination effectiveness are the keywords for the implementation and support of the dreams that turn into great works of tomorrow.


We love what we do

The credibility earned has been translated in the query and the award of very diverse works such as houses, commercial centers, technical and industrial buildings, water treatment plants and solid waste recovery,  sport and cultural buildings, auditoriums, bridges, geotechnical works, works of rehabilitation, repair and restoration of monuments and housing stock, some of which are today considered as reference works in Engineering


To analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants.


Architecture & Design to deliver and feed your imagination with the most exciting and outstanding selection of design & architectural ideas.


Integrated project management for architects and engineers: (1) projects completed on time, (2) budget is met (or under), and (3) requirements have been achieved

Please take a look at our short video and follow our journey into achievements and innovations through time

Mastering new digital channels and charting new courses into the future that we help to shape — and at the same time driving revenue with a close eye on costs while keeping the customer at the center of everything we do.That's how we realize dreams and fulfil life experiences


News  about architectural and structural engineering trends, and others of possible interest. Get Involved!

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