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Infraestructures for Life

Green infrastructure planning is a successfully tested tool to provide environmental, economic and social benefits through natural solutions and help reduce dependence on 'grey' infrastructure that is often more expensive to build and maintain.

The European Commission has developed a Green Infrastructure Strategy. This strategy aims to ensure that the protection, restoration, creation and enhancement of green infrastructure become an integral part of spatial planning and territorial development whenever it offers a better alternative, or is complementary, to standard grey choices.

Newton Engineering has a particular expertise in the field of consulting and the project of reinforced concrete and pre-stressed structures, metal structures, earthquake engineering, automatic calculation, methods of structural analysis (finite element method) and experimental analysis (Analysis and Behavior of Structures).

The credibility won by NEWTON Engineering has been translated in the query and the award of works as diverse as: bridges and viaducts, tunnels, stadiums, swimming pools, auditoriums, treatment stations, technical and industrial buildings, residential buildings, works for which the technical staff of Newton feature compatible curriculum and feel especially designed.

Civil engineering

Our Structural engineers are concerned with the conception, analysis, design and construction of components or assemblies to resist loads arising from internal and external forces. The application of solid mechanics enables the structural engineer to assemble elements, such as beams and columns, into a structure that will resist both static and dynamic loads, such as gravity, wind, snow and earthquakes.

Our commitment with the optimal interaction of forces, materials and landscapes in building construction forms the basis for the development of innovative and durable structures.


Water engineering

At Newton we see water in the context of how water interacts with all aspects of the built and natural environments. That includes infrastructure design and engineering, asset management, flood mitigation, sustainable water management, water strategies and research.

Related Projects (wastewater treatment plants)

Infrastructure design

Our civil engineers explore project design with AutoCAD Civil 3D, the core BIM for infrastructure solution and InfraWorks, Revit, and related vertical and horizontal BIM software and cloud connected tools.

 Infrastructure design brings together many of the skills and services available across Newton, from geotechnics, water engineering, structural engineering, to site development, waste and highway design. It also brings together in our ecosystem a set of professionals with wide project experience truly engaged in promoting innovative project solutions.

Improved design decisions and project outcomes.