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Innovation is at the heart of people.

Continuous improvement is possible when we work with passion surpassing client’s expectations and meeting technical and safety requirements

We are an Architectural and Structural Engineering company which offers services of high technological and scientific rigor in all areas of design and consulting. Feel special vocation for developing projects that stand out by your size, technical complexity or by the requirement of innovative solutions.

We provide services that meet the quality standards required by the client, in accordance with the technical requirements and which are carried out at fair prices, strictly respecting the deadlines given.

We want that customers enjoy our technical and operational capacity in particular on availability for the realization of innovative solutions or economically more advantageous and in monitoring and technical support of the different phases of the work.

Feel. Innovate. Improve. 

Understanding the three-step management model of Newton

In a first phase, it is essential to feel the client, the market, the space or environment. Understand trends, expectations, emotions. These are the engines of innovation that we've included in each process we perform in every work we develop. But we are never satisfied because the whole process is a continuous learning process and this leads us to want to do more and better and to feel the customer and it`s context that surrounds and features. Feel - because emotions influence the thinking and decision making. Innovate - because we are always incorporating something new again (we deliver dreams). Improve -because we are never satisfied (continuous improvement).

Innovation & Compliance

“A inovação é o ponto central da prosperidade económica”, Michael Porter, autor de diversos livros sobre estratégias de competitividade.


Company Level certification indicate innovation maturity for the organization and Innovation maturity is a function of current innovation performance, future potential and strength of current innovation pipeline and activated capacity and number of people who are trained in innovation and deployed against innovation initiatives. 


The SME innovation COTEC Network was created for the development of SMEs and aims: to promote public recognition of a group of SMEs, that by their attitude and innovative activity, could be examples of value creation for the Country