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Driven by the need for a permanent effort of innovation, NEWTON Engineering, took this principle as of strategic importance for its current and future sustainability, incorporating it in the organization with a Department with identity (innovation radar) and pouring it in one of its operational values: the Intrapreneurship and innovation as keys to success. In addition to expertise in the field of Structural Engineering, it has been progressively assumed the role of coordinator of all specialties, seeking to serve as a qualified interlocutor between architecture teams and owners of work.


Modeling and Engineering dreams and new life experiences on today`s built environment.


To be the leading Structural Engineering company in Portugal when developing Architectural and Structural Engineering through an  ecosystem of professionals where Interdisciplinarity, Interoperability and coordination effectiveness are the keywords for the implementation and support of the dreams that turn into great buildings of tomorrow


Given the cultural traits acquired by Newton over the years, its management is based on the following ethical principles:

  • Professionalism and responsibility of the whole team
  • Respect for clients assuming the prompt resolution of all questions or problems they present
  • Deliberate pursuit of creativity and innovation reflected in continuous updating of equipment and in the developing of good working practices
  • Openness to change at the organizational level and appropriate interaction with the academic and professional communities
  • Healthy work environment but responsible, translated into the availability and integration of all employees.

Past Accomplishments and Future Challenges

Newton Engineering is an interdisciplinary, Structural Engineering and Consultant firm established in 1990.

Founded on the belief that Architectural Engineering has the power to transform lives and enhance communities, we collaborate with clients all over the world to create healthy, sustainable places in which to live, learn, work, play, and heal. 

People are at the center of what we do. Focusing on our relationships, with clients and teams, helps us make the big seem small, more personal, and keeps us moving in the right direction. Our process centers on creativity, cross-pollinating ideas and talents to deliver quality at all levels and in all places.

Newton Engineering is committed with Sustainable engineering. Every engineering discipline is engaged in sustainable design, employing numerous initiatives, especially life cycle analysis (LCA), prioritizing the most important problems, and matching the technologies and operations to address them. 

 Green engineering recognizes that these processes are often inefficient economically and environmentally, calling for a comprehensive, systematic life cycle approach. Green engineering attempts to achieve four goals:

  1. Waste reduction;
  2. Materials management;
  3. Pollution prevention; and,
  4. Product enhancement.

Our design consider short and long-term impacts. These impacts beyond the near-term are the province of its sustainability and compatibility with economic, social and environmental common objectives.