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Towards Effective Multidisciplinary Engineering

Newton multidisciplinary approach involves drawing appropriately from multiple academic disciplines and experiencies  to redefine problems outside normal boundaries of structural  engineering. Architects, engineers, designers and technical consultants work together bringing their expertise to all phases of development, starting in the conceptual planning phase until the implementation of the project, through an efficient process of coordination and consulting for special studies.

Highlighted  PROJECTS

Douro's inland waterway modernisation Project  


Newton Douro's Inland Waterway 2020 was born from the need of modernising Douro’s River inland waterway, a waterway with more than 200 kilometres of extension and a long history connected to its regional development

PEB Requalification Project  

Created in 1981, the Parque de Exposições de Braga is a structure in the region dedicated to fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other events of socio-cultural, scientific, sports and recreation, national and international interest. The regular fairs and exhibitions, in Braga, since 1968, the date of the first agricultural and Industrial Exhibition of the North, that event was at St. John's, in the areas annexed to the 1º de Maio Stadium.

LEIXÕES Cruise Terminal

The new Cruise Terminal is the largest project ever of opening the port to the city, making the port of Leixões is an important port of entry in the region and boosting the growth in the number of cruise ships and passengers in Leixões, assuming each time more like a cruise port.


Inaugurated on March 24 2008, the Cultural Centre of Ilhavo inhabits a stately building, modern and bold, a project signed by architect Ilídio Ramos, which reach over the 25 de Abril Avenue, the main artery of the city of Ilhavo. Being the larger financial investment that the city of Ílhavo ever held, your creation culminates a complex process and given full qualification from the center of the city and the municipality of Ílhavo.

Featured projects

Newton has a large portfolio of projects carried out for clients in separate markets and distinct areas of activity.

We can consider the following areas where we have developed reference Works:

  • Environmental Infrastructures
  • Shopping Malls
  • Buildings for Commerce and Industry
  • Housing buildings
  • Cultural and sporting centers
  • Education and Research Centers
  • Health Infrastructures
  • Assets Recovery
  • Transport Infrastructures

If you want to know more, do not hesitate!